– Another Fake Website by Mukut Rajbongshi

Hi All,

As we have already informed a few weeks back that there are 1000s of our customers who are being cheated by a replica store ( similar to our brand name and brand domain. Not only that, they use our own address as their address to cheat users. They have come up with new idea to cheat users by using the domain name , beware this is not the same domain as and in no way related to our business.

Both and are operated by the same owner “Mukut Rajbongshi

Their contact details are as follows along with their pictures.

Owner Name: Mukut Raj Bongshi

Mobile Number Owned: +91 8413092559 and +91 9365494599

eMail Address Owned: [email protected] and [email protected]


Resident Address:

S/O- Biren Rajbongshi, R/O- Laudal, Barsarkuchi, P.O- AND P.S-
Nalbari, DIST- Nalbari, Assam, Pincode- 781335

A more accurate address will be updated over here in the coming days.

If you are a victim of the above website, please do report the same to your nearby cybercrime and also you can loop us in email [email protected] so that we can share their bank address and the address for further legal action.

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