– Shutdown Notice

Dear Customer,

We have closed our website 2 years back since we are working on upgrading our store with many good features. And we will be launching in a couple of months from now.

And during the time period, there is a couple of websites which is using the same template as us and also using the similar domain name, logo to cheat users with fraudulent copy of Microsoft products.

Those website information as follows

  1. –

You can see this is a fraudulent store and they are trying to cheat our users by below pictures.

a) Their domain says, whereas to cheat our users, they are using email ID as this is a fraudulent activity

b) They are using in the webpage title to confuse user and cheat them.

c) They are using our old address as their address to cheat users

All the above facts clearly conclude they are fraudulent and their intention is to cheat the user.

If you want 1000 other people to save from the above scam, email below authorities with your transaction details if you made with them and also all the info you have

Cyber Crime India –

Anti Piracy Microsoft –

PayUMoney –

RazorPay –